The modular , trusses, are an example of technology applied to the world of the exhibitions. The quick assembling, the modern and functional design, concur to integrate the structural aspect with scenic elements and lighting systems.

By the system, the display concept finds a simple and rational solution for the realisation of stands, stores and show rooms. Lighting spot and other light devices to “enlighten” the exhibition spaces, complete the range of our catalogue.

The structural reliability of the system, in the processing of architectonic figures, concurs realisations till now impossible by traditional materials.

It often happens that the exhibition market has followed the way of customizing for stand and show room realization. The reason? The little “appeal” caused from the metallic modular trusses, “the accused” to only offer advantages in terms of loading capacity and strength against the aesthetic and design. In the last years the effort of the greater international manufacturers of this product has balanced in part the problem, proposing trussing of great fascination particularly adapted to aesthetic High-Tech solutions that associate to the assembly facility, versatile and flexibility of highest level.

It is the case of the Recta trusses, a “family” of beams of high aesthetic value that allow the realization of staging for exhibition fairs and display space with great facility and rapidity, saving on the installation costs.

The line of the VALENTINI company includes three models of beam,
square section, triangular and flat, realized in various lengths to meet the requirements of the customer and the space available. The “hard” of all the models is a lacing “zig-zag” of bending aluminium tube welded between the main tubes and never broken, to give to the trusses a feeling of lightness and a modern functional look, suitable also for solutions of furnishings in stores, house and the great spaces.











lightness trusses assembled
by a TIG welding process.

single side - triangular - square

exhibition market, conventions, stands, stores, show room realization, theatres, discotheques...

straight: ml. 0,25 - 0,5 - 0,75 - 1 - 1,5
                 2 - 2,5 - 3 - 3,5 - 4
bending: 15 types-radius upon required

angles trusses 90° - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 way. 
3 variable junction 2 way ( 0° to 270°).
6 way joiner.
60 complement articles

nylon drive spigots and thighten by high rigidity zinc nuts-bolts

1) tower lifts system with automatic
    brake winch and stainless cable
2) use of the same trusses in vertical
    with raising to means of jacks and
    flowing cubes.

for means of plates in the connection trusses points with stainless safety wire.

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